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Référence B-561-384
ISBN-10 0194232492
ISBN-13 9780194232494
Format Broché
Pages 56

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The Withered Arm

Thomas Hardy et Jennifer Bassett

Édition 2006
Chez Oxford University Press
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A woman and a man ... words of love whispered on a summer night. Later, there is a child, but no wedding-ring. And then the man leaves the first woman, finds a younger woman, marries her ... It's an old story. Yes, it's an old, old story. It happens all the time - today, tomorrow, a hundred years ago. People don't change. But this story, set among the green hills of southern England, has something different about it. Perhaps it is only a dream, or perhaps it is magic - a kind of strange dark magic that begins in the world of dreams and phantoms ...
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