Jean Withrow, Gay Brookes et Martha Clark Cummings - Changes: Readings for Writers
Référence B-481-895
ISBN-10 0521657881
ISBN-13 9780521657884
Format Broché
Pages 274

Livre d'occasion

Changes: Readings for Writers

de Jean Withrow, Gay Brookes et Martha Clark Cummings

Édition 2 1998
Chez St Martins Press
B Bon
Légères traces d’usure sur la couverture. Salissures sur la tranche. Edition 1998.

Changes is an interactive, integrated skills text that will help students develop their writing skills by having them respond to thought-provoking texts on a wide variety of subjects. The Second Edition of this popular book offers a choice of sixty readings with an increased number of expository selections to help students develop academic English. The texts presented offer a variety of genres, voices, and moods and include both professional and student-written readings by writers of many different nationalities. Collaborative pair, group, and whole-class activities encourage students to interact with the text and their peers. In this way, students come to develop an understanding of how meanings change and develop as the text is approached from different points of view. Grounded in an understanding of the writing process and its development in ESL writers, Changes guides students through all of the stages of this process within an interactive, student-centered framework.

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