Marian Keyes - Last Chance Saloon
Référence B-288-491
ISBN-10 0140292284
ISBN-13 9780140292282
Format Poche
Pages 608

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Last Chance Saloon

de Marian Keyes

Édition Open Market edition 2000
Chez Penguin Books
B Bon
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Best friends since they were teenagers in the days of legwarmers, pink stretch jeans and Duran Duran. Now in their early thirties, they're living in London, but so fat only Fintan has managed to find true love. Tara, stuck in a dead-end relationship, believes that when you're in the Last Chance Saloon, even a man who keeps his change in a little-old ladies'purse is better than no man at all. Katherine wouldn't agree. Living a life of calm with her matching bra-and-knicker sets, the only relationship she wants is with her remote control. Never mind that gorgeous Joe Roth, the new boy at work, has offered to help her change the channels. But when you're not up for change yourself, life has a way of changing for you. And fate, disguised first as an illness, then as a good-looking, dangerous, out-of-work actor called Lorcan, steps in to alter all their lives in wholly unexpected ways...

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