Val McDermid - Beneath the Bleeding
Référence B-009-127
ISBN-10 0007243278
ISBN-13 9780007243273
Format Broché
Pages 416

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Beneath the Bleeding

de Val McDermid

Édition 2007
Chez HarperCollins Publishers Ltd
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Troubled criminal profiler Dr Tony Hill may have problems of his own but when Bradfield CID need him, he's the best they've got. While the police sometimes view him with the same suspicion as some of their suspects, DCI Carol Jordan is one of the few who appreciates his unique talents. For Tony, the feeling is more than mutual. Both have survived horrifying ordeals of their own. In BENEATH THE BLEEDING they must risk them again. As the two return to duty, it's Val McDermid at her terrifying best.

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