Charles Bobbitt et La Donna Bobbitt - Peoria: A Postcard History
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ISBN-10 0752412841
ISBN-13 9780752412849
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Pages 128

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Peoria: A Postcard History

de Charles Bobbitt et La Donna Bobbitt

Édition 2001
Chez Arcadia Publishing (SC)
B Bon
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Featuring more than 200 vintage postcards, Peoria: A Postcard History captures the changing scenes of the river and downtown Peoria from 1900 to 1950. One of the largest cities in Illinios, Peoria is the seat of Peoria County and lies on the Illinois River where it forms Lake Peoria. Located in the state's central-farm country, Peoria is a manufacturing center known as the "Earth-Moving Equipment Capital of the World." Distilling has also been important in Peoria, which was home to the world's largest distillery, Hiram Walker and Sons, in 1933. Peoria: A Postcard History will allow you to visit "the world's most beautiful drive," as proclaimed by President Theodore Roosevelt during his visit to Grand View Drive in an automobile manufactured in Peoria Heights.

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