Woody Allen - Mere Anarchy
Référence A-795-062
ISBN-10 1400066417
ISBN-13 9781400066414
Format Relié
Pages 176

Livre d'occasion

Mere Anarchy

de Woody Allen

Édition 2007
Chez Random House
A Très bon
Ancien livre de bibliothèque.

A new collection of eighteen stories, including eight never-before-published pieces, features the author's inimitable reflections on everything from nanny tell-alls and film camp to clothes that smell like twice-cooked pork, in such works as "Nanny Dearest," "Sam You Made the Pants Too Fragrant," "Calisthenics, Poison Ivy, Final Cut," and "How Deadly Your Taste Buds, My Sweet." 75,000 first printing.

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