Anne Tyler - Morgan's Passing
Référence A-815-900
ISBN-10 0099527200
ISBN-13 9780099527206
Format Broché
Pages 288

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Morgan's Passing

de Anne Tyler

Édition New Ed 1987
Chez Vintage
B Bon
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Morgan Gower has an outsize hairy beard, an array of peculiar costumes and fantastic headwear, and a serious smoking habit. He likes to pretend to be other people - a jockey, a shipping magnate, a foreign art dealer - and he likes to do this more and more since his massive brood of daughters are all growing up, getting married and finding him embarrassing. Then comes his first dramatic encounter with Emily and Leon Meredith, and the start of an extraordinary obsession. OVER A MILLION ANNE TYLER BOOKS SOLD âe~Sheâe(tm)s changed my perception on lifeâe(tm) Anna Chancellor âe~One of my favourite authors âe(tm) Liane Moriarty âe~She spins gold' Elizabeth Buchan âe~Anne Tyler has no peerâe(tm) Anita Shreve âe~My favourite writer, and the best line-and-length novelist in the worldâe(tm) Nick Hornby âe~A masterly authorâe(tm) Sebastian Faulks âe~Tyler is not merely good, she is wickedly goodâe(tm) John Updike âe~I love Anne Tylerâe(tm) Anita Brookner âe~Her fiction has strength of vision, originality, freshness, unconquerable humourâe(tm) Eudora Welty

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