B C Crandall - Nanotechnology – Research & Perspectives
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ISBN-10 0262031957
ISBN-13 9780262031950
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Nanotechnology – Research & Perspectives

de B C Crandall

Édition 1989
Chez MIT Press
B Bon
Ancien livre de bibliothèque. Légères traces d’usure sur la couverture. Tampon ou marque sur la face intérieure de la couverture. Sans jaquette. Couverture différente. Edition 1989.

Advances in physics, molecular biology, and computer science are converging on thecapacity to control, with molecular precision, the structure and function of matter. These twentyoriginal contributions provide the first broad-based multidisciplinary definition and examination ofthe revolutionary new discipline of molecular engineering, or nanotechnology. They address both thepromise as well as the economic, environmental, and cultural challenges of this emergingatomic-scale technology.Leaders in their field describe current technologies that feed intonanotechnology - atomic imaging and positioning, protein engineering, and the de novo, design andsynthesis of self-assembling molecular structures. They present development strategies forcoordinating recent work in chemistry, biotechnology, and scanning-probe microscopy in order tosuccessfully design and engineer molecular systems. They also explore advances in molecular andquantum electronics as well as reversible computational systems and the fundamental physicalconstraints on computation. Additional chapters discuss research efforts in Japan and present theprospects of nanotechnology as seen from the perspective of a microtechnologist.The final sectionlooks at the implications of success, including the prospects of enormous computational power andthe radical consequences of molecular mechanical systems in the fields of medicine and lifeextension.BC Crandall is Cofounder and Vice President of Prime Arithmetics, Inc.Contributors: RobertBirge. Federico Capasso. BC Crandall. K. Eric Drexler. Gregory Fahy. Richard Feynman. John Foster.Tracy Handel. Bill Joy. Arthur Kantrowitz. Joseph Mallon. Norman Margolus. Ralph Merkle. LesterMilbrath. Gordon Tullock. Hiroyuki Sasabe. Michael Ward.

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