John Irving - Das Hotel New Hampshire
Référence B-512-968
ISBN-10 3257211945
ISBN-13 9783257211948
Pages 608

Livre d'occasion

Das Hotel New Hampshire

de John Irving

Édition 1998
Chez Diogenes Verlag AG,Switzerland
B Bon
Légères traces d’usure sur la couverture. Salissures sur la tranche.

""The first of my father's illusions was that bears could survive the life lived by human beings, and the second was that human beings could survive a life led in hotels.""So says John Berry, son of a hapless dreamer, brother to a cadre of eccentric siblings, and chronicler of the lives lived, the loves experienced, the deaths met, and the myriad strange and wonderful times encountered by the family Berry. Hoteliers, pet-bear owners, friends of Freud (the animal trainer and vaudevillian, that is), and playthings of mad fate, they "dream on" in a funny, sad, outrageous, and moving novel by the remarkable author of "A Widow for One Year" and "The Cider House Rules,"

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