pagan babies
Référence B-514-766
ISBN-10 0140299505
ISBN-13 9780140299502
Format Broché

Livre d'occasion

pagan babies

Édition 2001
Chez Penguin Books Ltd
B Bon
Légères traces d’usure sur la couverture.

"We you scared? in my mind it was done before I stepped inside! you walked in and shot them? I asked'em to give themselves up. I knew they wouldn't. So you could say I knew going in I was gonna kill them" Father Terry Dunn walks into a bar in Rwanda and guns down four unrepentant killers. No ordinary absolution, but then Father Terry is no ordinary priest Soon he's back in Detroit trying to raise cash for Rwanda's orphaned children, where he meets Debbie Dewey, an ex-con with a grudge against her thieving ex-boyfriend, Randy. Together they make plans to hustle some heavy dough off Randy. Only problem is Randy's got some new friends - the Mafia.

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