Ken Follett - Hornet Flight
Référence C-934-981
ISBN-10 0330490680
ISBN-13 9780330490689
Format Broché
Pages 300

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Hornet Flight

de Ken Follett

Édition New edition 2003
Chez Pan Books
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In June 1941 a baffling Luftwaffe radio message mentioning a new invention with the codename Freya (the Viking goddess of love) is picked up by the decoders of Allied intelligence. Hermia Mount, a British intelligence analyst, suspects the existence of an experimental radar station on the coast of Denmark. Meanwhile, young Harald Olufsen, a brilliant Danish student, has spotted an unusual installation near his island home. Unable to resist a challenge, Harald is soon drawn into Hermia's investigation, but when he finally learns the truth, he finds the only way of getting to England with the information is in a near-derelict Hornet Moth biplane, mouldering away in the nave of a ruined church...

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