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ISBN-10 1402072376
ISBN-13 9781402072376
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Microfluidics and Biomems Applications

Francis E. H. Tay

Édition 2002 ed. 2002
Chez Springer-Verlag New York Inc.
Très bon Ancien livre de bibliothèque. Edition 2002.
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Microfluidics and BioMEMS Applications central idea is on microfluidics, a relatively new research field which finds its niche in biomedical devices, especially on lab-on-a-chip and related products. Being the essential component in providing driving fluidic flows, an example of micropump is chosen to illustrate a complete cycle in development of microfluidic devices which include literature review, designing and modelling, fabrication and testing. A few articles are included to demonstrate the idea of tackling this research problem, and they cover the main development scope discussed earlier as well as other advanced modelling schemes for microfluidics and beyond. Scientists and students working in the areas of MEMS and microfluidics will benefit from this book, which may serve both communities as both a reference monograph and a textbook for courses in numerical simulation, and design and development of microfluidic devices.
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