Jeanne Haggart - Learning Legacies: A Guide to Family Learning
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ISBN-10 1862011079
ISBN-13 9781862011076
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Pages 90

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Learning Legacies: A Guide to Family Learning

de Jeanne Haggart

Édition 2001
Chez National Institute of Adult Continuing Education
B Bon
Ancien livre de bibliothèque. Edition 2001.

This guide aims to provide a practical and comprehensive overview for United Kingdom parents and professionals wanting to support family learning at any level--community, local, regional, or national. Part 1 sets out the case for family learning today. Chapter 1 defines family learning and explains the fundamental principles underpinning it. Chapter 2 explains why family learning matters by looking at the evidence of recent research and the current context in which it is developing. Part 2 examines several approaches to family learning. Chapter 3 looks at some key features and models of parenting education. Chapter 4 looks at supporting preschool family learning. Chapter 5 examines the notion of "partnership" between parents and schools and describes practical strategies for working together. Chapter 6 looks at family learning about work; progression to training and employment opportunities; and employers' support for family learning. Part 3 discusses operational and strategic matters that contribute to good practice. Chapter 7 suggests one get underway by assessing needs and over time put effective partnerships and policies in place. Chapter 8 addresses key issues in getting resources to keep family learning going. Chapter 9 looks at how to improve delivery of family learning. An opportunity to take stock and look ahead forms the conclusion (Chapter 10) in Part 4. A chart of useful contacts and 81-item bibliography are appended. (YLB)

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