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Référence B-568-972
ISBN-10 1846688302
ISBN-13 9781846688300
Format Broché
Pages 304

Livre d'occasion

I, Anna

Elsa Lewin

Édition 2012
Chez Serpent's Tail
Bon Ancien livre de bibliothèque. Légères traces d’usure sur la couverture. Salissures sur la tranche. Tampon ou marque sur la face intérieure de la couverture.
À propos
Fifty, middle class and respectable, Anna lives with her teenage daughter in a small New York apartment. Trying to meet people after her divorce, she begins attending singles nights, which is how she finds herself late at night, in a strange man's apartment. What happens next is a blank, but it's only the beginning of her nightmare.Bernie, a police detective dazed by his own rocky marriage, is distracted from his duties at the scene of a brutal murder by a brief encounter with the striking, enigmatic Anna. Going through the motions at work, Bernie persists in his romantic pursuit of Anna, but when they finally meet, she has no recollection of the night their paths first crossed. As his professional judgement battles with his desire for intimacy and love, the mystery deep within Anna's mind unravels, revealing a truth too painful to bear.
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