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Référence B-563-013
ISBN-10 140916313X
ISBN-13 9781409163138
Format Broché
Pages 432

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Kings of America

R.J. Ellory

Édition 01 2017
Chez Orion
Bon Ancien livre de bibliothèque. Légères traces d’usure sur la couverture. Salissures sur la tranche. Tampon ou marque sur la face intérieure de la couverture.
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In America, kings are not born, they are made. Danny McCabe isn't his real name. America isn't his real home. Fleeing his native Ireland after committing a terrible crime, Danny finds friendship with Corsican immigrants, Nicky and Lucia Mariani. As Lucia pursues her dreams of stardom in 1930s Hollywood, Nicky finds his calling in the violent underbelly of the city of dreams. Torn between his love for Lucia and his desperate fear for their safety, Danny is drawn into a chain of events that will pit brother against sister, friend against friend, and lover against lover.
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