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Référence B-559-270
ISBN-10 0141015438
ISBN-13 9780141015439
Format Broché
Pages 352

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Katy Gardner

Édition 2007
Chez Penguin Books Ltd
Bon Ancien livre de bibliothèque.
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It began with an ordinary childhood game. Mel Stenning is playing hide and seek with her seven-year-old daughter Poppy. But when Poppy can't be found in the sprawling converted warehouse by the sea that is their home, the police are swiftly called in. Suspicion falls straight away on Si, Mel' s husband of just a year. But Si, too, is missing. And when the police tell Mel that only the day before they had accused her husband of a murder, her life begins to crumble. For the police it's a race against time to find Poppy and to trace Si. But for Mel, whose whole world has been turned upside down, finding her daughter depends on working out who now she can really trust.
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