William Cupach, Sandra Metts et Sandra Metts - Facework
Référence B-264-151
ISBN-10 0803947127
ISBN-13 9780803947122
Format Broché
Pages 140

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de William Cupach, Sandra Metts et Sandra Metts

Édition 1994
Chez SAGE Publications, Inc
B Bon
Petite(s) trace(s) de pliure sur la couverture. Légères traces d’usure sur la couverture. Pages cornées. Edition 1994.

Gaining face, maintaining face and losing face all have numerous implications in the management of close relationships. This thorough review of research focuses on self-presentational aspects of communication in intimate relationships - `facework'. The authors make a compelling case for facework as fundamental to any stage of a relationship, and in a clear and humorous manner offer insight into how to deal with problematic situations occurring in close relationships.

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