Paul Bowles et M. Hofman - The Sheltering Sky
Référence B-288-401
ISBN-10 0141181915
ISBN-13 9780141181912
Format Broché
Pages 272

Livre d'occasion

The Sheltering Sky

de Paul Bowles et M. Hofman

Édition New edition 2000
Chez Penguin Classics
B Bon
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After ten years of marriage, Kit and Port Moresby have drifted apart and are sexually estranged. Avoiding the chaos of Europe in the aftermath of the Second World War, they travel to the remote North African desert. Port hopes the journey will reunite them, but although they share similar emotions, they are divided by their conflicting outlooks on life. Kit fears the desert while Port is drawn to its beauty and remoteness. Oblivious to its dangers, he falls ill and they discover a hostile, violent world that threatens to destroy them both.

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