Chris Brown - The Sales Promotion Handbook
Référence B-314-127
ISBN-10 0749409983
ISBN-13 9780749409982
Format Broché
Pages 288

Livre d'occasion

The Sales Promotion Handbook

de Chris Brown

Édition 1993
Chez Kogan Page Ltd
B Bon
Ancien livre de bibliothèque. Edition 1993.

This manual provides sales promoters with reference material in order to plan and implement effective promotional campaigns. The author explains the basis of possible sales promotions, weighing up the suitability of a promotion for a particular task, and demonstrating advantages and disadvantages. Detailed advice is provided on timing, budgets, safety and quality clearance, as well as the problems caused by tax, legal requirements and fulfilment. It is hoped that this text will help readers to undertake campaigns that will achieve their aims, be profitable and capture the public's imagination.

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