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ISBN-10 184542591X
ISBN-13 9781845425913
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Pages 240

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Controlling Modern Government: Variety, Commonality And Change

de Christopher Hood, Oliver James, B. Guy Peters et Colin Scott

Édition New edition 2005
Chez Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd
B Bon

'This book takes the comparative study of regulation to a new level. Working with contributions across three domains by a number of national experts, the authors weave a dazzling account of the rich variety of oversight mechanisms in public services and central government. the book provides not only detailed cross-national empirical analysis but also a compelling theoretical lens for the comparative analysis of regulatory systems. Superbly written, this is simply a must for every scholar and policymaker with a serious interest in the nature of regulatory and control practices.' - Michael Power, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK 'This book sets a new standard for systematic use of comparative information in studies on accountability and control. It is a welcome change from the past tendency in this field to build theoretical mountains on empirical molehills.' - Charles Polidano, Office of the Prime Minister, Malta Are public sector institutions being exposed to ever-greater oversight, audit and inspection in the name of efficiency, accountability and risk management? Controlling Modern Government explores the long-term development of controls over government across five major state traditions in developed democracies - US, Japan, variants of continental-European models, a Scandinavian case and variants of the Westminster model.

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