Lauren Myracle - Rhymes with Witches
Référence B-485-845
ISBN-10 0810992159
ISBN-13 9780810992153
Format Broché
Pages 272

Livre d'occasion

Rhymes with Witches

de Lauren Myracle

Édition 01 2006
Chez Harry N. Abrams
B Bon

From the author ofáttyl, comes this smart, savage story of a high school where popularity can be stolen. Jane dreams of being chosen as the freshman member a dominant school clique made up of one girl from each class. When her wish is granted, and she is offered a place in their group, Jane discovers the terrible price of their particular kind of popularity. There is a sinister secret to their power, one that will change Jane forever. Darkly humorous and dead on, this book will leave readers shivering in recognition.

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