Référence B-485-887
ISBN-10 8466321454
ISBN-13 9788466321457
Format Broché
Pages 202

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Cuentos breves para ir y venir / Stories for the Road


Édition 2nd ed. 2010
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The characters in these magnificent stories travel a lot. They come and go; sometimes in car, others in buses, on motorcycles, bicycles, trains, boats, or airplanes, they may also put on a pair of well-worn shoes or climb on a scooter or skateboard. And we, the readers, can only imagine their lives and go along for the ride. Some of the authors included are: Nuria Barrios, Mario Benedetti, Julio Cortázar, Roberto Fontarrosa, Gabriel García Márquez, Juan José Millás, Augusto Monterroso, Arturo Pérez-Reverte and Manuel Vincent.

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