James M. Anderson - Spain 1001 Sights: An Archaeological and Historical Guide
Référence B-477-929
ISBN-10 0919813933
ISBN-13 9780919813939
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Pages 380

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Spain 1001 Sights: An Archaeological and Historical Guide

de James M. Anderson

Édition 1991
Chez University of Calgary Press
A Très bon
Edition 1991.

Spain, 1001 Sights: An Archaeological and Historical Guide is a unique historical and archaeological guidebook to Spain introduces the reader and traveller to the very foundations of the modern state from the earliest period down to medieval Moslem and Christian societies. With its broad scope, classification of monuments and integrated site-based history, the reader is guided to in situ remains, which may be cave paintings, ancient Iberian villages, Celtic castros, Roman villas or necropoli, Paleo-Christian churches, or the remnants of age-old monasteries tucked away in the hills. Here a traveller can select an archaeological and historical theme, easily determine the location of that interest, and then have it related to the country's history. The Iberian peninsula offers much palpable evidence of ancient and unique cultures, often set among absorbing natural surroundings.

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