Walter L. Morgan et Denis Rouffet - Business Earth Stations for Telecommunications
Référence B-481-732
ISBN-10 0471635561
ISBN-13 9780471635567
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Pages 234

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Business Earth Stations for Telecommunications

de Walter L. Morgan et Denis Rouffet

Édition 1988
Chez John Wiley & Sons Inc
B Bon
Traces d’usure sur la couverture. Salissures sur la tranche. Jaquette abîmée. Edition 1988.

Microterminals (or VSATs) are a recent method of providing corporate communications users with cost-effective and superior digital telecommunications. This practical guide describes the applications of these small earth stations for business telecommunications. Gives details of several typical uses, providing readers with sufficient information to allow configuration of a network to fit their particular needs. Due to the flexibility of this technology, the book surveys alternative designs for a range of potential applications. Topics covered include microterminals, access methods, costs, regulations, space segment requirements, and more.

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