William Hague - William Pitt the Younger: A Biography
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ISBN-10 0007147201
ISBN-13 9780007147205
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William Pitt the Younger: A Biography

de William Hague

Édition 2005
Chez HarperPerennial
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A lively, authoritative biography of one of the towering figures in British history who became Prime Minister at the age of twenty-four, written by the youngest-ever leader of the Tory Party. Prime Minister in 1783 deeply underestimated and completely beleaguered. Yet he annihilated his opponents in the General Election the following year and dominated the governing of Britain for twenty-two years, nearly nineteen of them as Prime Minister. No British politician since then has exercised such supremacy for so long. brought about the union with Ireland, and directed, and was ultimately consumed by], the years of debilitating war with France. Domestic crises included unrest in Ireland, deep division in the royal family, the madness of the King and a full-scale naval mutiny. He enjoyed huge success, yet died at the nadir of his fortunes, struggling to maintain a government beset by a thin majority at home and military disaster abroad; he worked, worried and drank himself to death.Finally, his story is told with the drama, wit and authority it deserves

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