Just One Look
Référence C-443-271
ISBN-10 0752863819
ISBN-13 9780752863818
Format Broché
Pages 400

Livre d'occasion

Just One Look

Édition 1st 2007
Chez Orion
B Bon
Légères traces d’usure sur la couverture. Couverture différente.

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  • B Bon
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  • Petite(s) trace(s) de pliure sur la couverture.
  • B Bon
    2,37 VOIR
  • Couverture différente.
  • B Bon
    2,35 VOIR
  • Traces d’usure sur la couverture. Petite(s) trace(s) de pliure sur la couverture. Couverture différente.

Grace Lawson is living a happy, straightforward life in the suburbs with her husband, Jack, and two young children. But that security is about to come to a brutal end. For when Grace picks up a set of holiday snaps, among them is one shot that doesn't fit : a faded image that Grace doesn't recognise of her husband as she never knew him. Within twelve hours, Jack has disappeared and a brutal hitman is stalking his family. All Grace can see is that the past is coming back to haunt the present - and the safe world she knows has been turned upside down...

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