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The Luck Factor: Change Your Luck and Change Your Life

Professor Richard Wiseman

Édition First Thus 2003
Chez Century
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A revolutionary study of the scientific principles of luck from one of Britain's most highly respected and popular psychologists. Is luck real? Have you ever wondered why some individuals seem to have all the luck, and others seem to be born unlucky? And why do some people get to lead happy, fulfilling lives, while others face endless failure and sadness? Is it all just a matter of fate, or can unlucky people improve their luck and their lives? Enter Dr. Richard Wiseman. Ten years ago Wiseman decided to search for the elusive luck factor. Instead of accepting previous assumptions about genes, upbringing, intelligence, skill and personality, he went directly to the source -- analyzing the beliefs and experiences of lucky and unlucky people. A national media appeal helped Wiseman and his research team attract a pool of 400 volunteers willing to put their lives under the microscope for three years. The results? A radical new way to look at luck. It turns out that the lucky people in his study were actually creating their own good luck through their mental attitudes and behaviour. Ultimately Wiseman identified four main factors that determined whether or not the subjects would lead a lucky life. With solid empirical evidence in hand he used his research to show a group of people who considered themselves to be unlucky, how to think and act like lucky people. The results were impressive. Almost all the participants reported significant life changes -- increased levels of luck, self-esteem, physical well-being, confidence and success. The principles Dr. Wiseman reveals in this groundbreaking study can teach you how to improve your luck, and literally change your life.
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