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ISBN-10 0330362801
ISBN-13 9780330362801
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The perfect journey

David Dale

Édition 2001
Chez Picador
Bon Traces de pliures sur la couverture. Traces d’usure sur la couverture. Couverture légèrement déchirée. Salissures sur la tranche. Pages cornées.
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Humorous travel stories. The experience of travel is affected by who we're with, what we carry, where we sleep, transport, climate, politics, and our own eccentricities. These stories analyse the way in which travelling becomes an addiction for some people, and that the best way to understand other cultures is through the stomach. Topics include how to get a mummified ibis through customs, the special flavours of Lesbian wines, what donkeys have in common with planes, and the etiquette of kissing someone who has been dead for two years. Includes index. Author is a writer for the 'Sydney Morning Herald' and his previous titles include 'The Obsessive Traveller' and 'An Australian in America'.
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