Julia Williams - Strictly Love
Référence A-761-702
ISBN-10 1847560164
ISBN-13 9781847560162
Format Broché
Pages 384

Livre d'occasion

Strictly Love

de Julia Williams

Édition 2008
Chez AVON, a division of HarperCollins Publishers Ltd
B Bon

Love stories. Lawyer Emily promised her late father that she'd devote her life to good causes. So how comes she spends her days defending Z-listers, desperate to prolong their 15 minutes of fame? Katie is obsessed with being the perfect wife and mother - unlike her own one. In which case, why is husband Charlie permanently AWOL these days? Dentist Mark is licking his wounds after his wife walked out on him and desperately missing his kids. Can he cope with becoming a singleton again - on top of a devastating legal case against him? Meanwhile, happy-go-lucky Jack the Lad Rob is hiding a secret tragedy. Isabella's dance classes give the four the perfect opportunity to forget their troubles and re-invent themselves. They can be whoever they want to be - they'll just let their feet do the talking.

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