Nicci French - Secret Smile (TPB)
Référence A-921-467
ISBN-10 0141017627
ISBN-13 9780141017624
Format Broché
Pages 320

Livre d'occasion

Secret Smile (TPB)

de Nicci French

Édition 2004
Chez Penguin Books Ltd
B Bon
Petite(s) trace(s) de pliure sur la couverture. Légères traces d’usure sur la couverture.

You have an affair. You finish it. You think it's over. You're wrong. When Miranda Cotton gets home from work to find her new boyfriend, Brendan, reading her diary, she breaks off the relationship and throws him out of her flat. Getting Brendan out of her life, however is not that easy. Two weeks later her sister, Kerry, phones in ecstasy. She's in love. She has a new boyfriend. His name is Brendan . . . So Brendan is back in Miranda's life - with a vengeance. Why has he done this? And what does he want from her? Soon, what began as an embarrassment, becomes like an infestation, and then more terrifying than her worst nightmares . . .

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