John Ward - Latin America: Development and Conflict since 1945
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ISBN-10 0415147255
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Latin America: Development and Conflict since 1945

de John Ward

Édition 1997
Chez Routledge
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In Latin America John Ward provides an interdisciplinary introduction to contemporary Latin America in the last half century. Beginning with a brief history of Latin America since 1492, and taking debates over state intervention versus free market strategies as a central theme, he discusses the interactions between economics, political and social issues. He argues that the region's problems since 1945 have resulted more from internal circumstances than from external pressures. The discussion includes : * the long-term background to the 1980's debt crisis * the effects of neoliberal free market reforms * relations with the United States and the wider world * welfare provision in relation to wider economic issues * social trends as reflected by changes in the status of women * environmental debates * comparisons with the more dynamic East Asian economies With a glossary of specialist terms and full explanations of the historical, economic and social contexts, Latin America provides an introduction to the region's current situation and prospects which is both challenging and argumentative.

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