Mike Reed et Michael Hughes - Rethinking Organization
Référence B-022-547
ISBN-10 0803982887
ISBN-13 9780803982888
Format Broché
Pages 320

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Rethinking Organization

de Mike Reed et Michael Hughes

Édition 1991
Chez SAGE Publications Ltd
B Bon
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Over the past two decades, organization studies has become increasingly pluralistic, with a series of highly charged debates across intellectual `divides'. It is these debates and their consequences for the current position and future development of organization studies that Rethinking Organization addresses. The first section reviews and evaluates the most significant theoretical developments of the last two decades, focusing in particular on the various ways in which `organization' has been conceptualized as the basis for organizational analyses. The second section examines a range of issues related to the major transformations in organizational forms currently occurring throughout advanced industrial societies. Fi

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