A. Klinger et etc. - Data Structures, Computer Graphics, and Pattern Recognition
Référence B-400-545
ISBN-10 0124150500
ISBN-13 9780124150508
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Pages 512

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Data Structures, Computer Graphics, and Pattern Recognition

de A. Klinger et etc.

Édition 1977
Chez Saunders College Publishing/Harcourt Brace
B Bon
Edition 1977.

Part I: Fundamental methodology: Data structures design (Frank W. Tompa), Thes concise structuring of geometric data for computer aided design (Charles M. Eastman), Data structures for pattern recognition algorithms (Charles T. Zahn, Jr.), Organizing data in computer graphics applications ((Robin Williams), Some observations on linguistics for scene analysis (T. Kasvand). Part II: Design decisions: Data management and pattern recognition (Carl V. Page), The design of satellite graphis systems (James D. Foley), Interactive image segmentation: line, region and semantic structure (R. A. Jarvis), Interactive audio-graphics for speech and image characterization (John P. Riganati and Marilyn L. Griffith); Part III: Research aspects: Modifying graphics images (Michael L. Rhodes and Allen Klinger), Surface representation for computer aided design (R. E. Barnhill and R. F. Riesenfeld), Automatic detection of suspicious abnormalitiesin breast radiographs (Carolyn Kimme, Bernard J. O'Loughlin, and Jack Sklansky), Error-correcting parsing for syntactic pattern recognition (K. S. Fu).

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