M. C. Bradbrook - Shakespeare: The Poet in his World
Référence B-588-151
ISBN-10 0415352746
ISBN-13 9780415352741
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Pages 284

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Shakespeare: The Poet in his World

de M. C. Bradbrook

Édition Reprint 2005
Chez Routledge
B Bon
Ancien livre de bibliothèque. Edition 2005.

First published in 1978. In this study, Shakespeare's own life story and the development of English theatrical history are placed in the wider context of Elizabethan and Jacobean times, but the works themselves are the final objective of this 'applied biography'. The main contention of the book is that Shakespeare's life was the lure of the stage itself which inspired him to transform what everyday life provided into the worlds of Hamlet, King Lear and Prospero.

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