Rob Pope - The English Studies Book
Référence B-599-531
ISBN-10 0415128676
ISBN-13 9780415128674
Format Broché
Pages 440

Livre d'occasion

The English Studies Book

de Rob Pope

Édition 1998
Chez Routledge
B Bon
Ancien livre de bibliothèque. Traces d’usure sur la couverture. Edition 1998.

The English Studies Handbook is a combination of critical dictionary, anthology, workbook and study guide. It is designed primarily for students studying English Language and/or Literature at colleges and universities. Inter-disciplinary in approach and highly flexible in its range of applications, it provides students and teachers with a text adaptable enough to support learning and teaching the whole range of introductory courses in English language, literature and culture. Features: * contains 100 common critical, theoretical and linguistic terms * each entry is extensively cross-referenced, and includes a definition, critical historical application, activities, cues for discussion and notes for further reading * includes numerous examples from a wide range of texts: contemporary and classic, literary and otherwise. Each extract is contextualised and cross-referenced to items in the body of the book * introduces the historical, geographical, cultural and social complexities of 'English' and explores its study as a college and university subject * introduces the major theoretical positions and provides practical approaches to the subject * contains maps and a linguistic, literary and cultural chronology of 'Englishes' Benefits: * has a flexible structure suitable for a variety of courses and classroom contexts * introduces students to a wide range of literary and non-literary texts * can be used as a classroom text or as an aid to independent study * provides an overview of current materials and strategies for teaching and learning.

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