John Sinclair - Collins Cobuild English Grammar: Helping Learners with Real English
Référence B-251-469
ISBN-10 000370257X
ISBN-13 9780003702576
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Pages 486

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Collins Cobuild English Grammar: Helping Learners with Real English

de John Sinclair

Édition 1990
Chez Collins
B Bon
Traces d’usure sur la couverture. Couverture légèrement déchirée. Salissures sur la tranche. Edition 1990.

This authoritative reference grammar has been specially developed for advanced students and teachers of English. The result of a thorough analysis of written and spoken language, this book provides a clear and detailed picture of modern English grammar. The clear layout, as well as the extensive index and cross-referencing, ensure easy access. Detailed treatment of common grammatical patterns and parts of speech. Clear explanations help learners to understand the attitudes and intentions of speakers and writers. Thousands of real English examples, all chosen from the Bank of English. Unique lists give the common words used in each structure Productive features of English are highlighted, to extend the learners knowledge and develop confidence. 'Warning' statements deal with areas of possible error and confusion.

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