Fariba Hachtroudi et Alison Anderson - The Man Who Snapped His Fingers
Référence B-234-919
ISBN-10 1609453069
ISBN-13 9781609453060
Format Broché
Pages 144

Livre d'occasion

The Man Who Snapped His Fingers

de Fariba Hachtroudi et Alison Anderson

Édition Translation 2016
Chez Europa Editions
B Bon

"Winner of the 2001 French Human Rights Prize, French-Iranian author Fariba Hachtroudi's English-language debut explores themes as old as time: the crushing effects of totalitarianism and the infinite power of love. She was known as "Bait 455," the most famous prisoner in a ruthless theological republic. He was one of the colonels closest to the Supreme Commander. When they meet, years later, far from their country of birth, a strange, equivocal relationship develops between them. Both their shared past of suffering and old romantic passions come rushing back accompanied by recollections of the perverse logic of violence that dominated the dictatorship under which they lived. The Man Who Snapped His Fingers is a novel of ideas, exploring power and memory by an important female writer from a part of the world where female voices are routinely silenced."--Provided by Amazon.com.

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