Richard J. Schonberger - World Class Manufacturing Casebook
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World Class Manufacturing Casebook

de Richard J. Schonberger

Édition 1987
Chez Free Press
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This casebook, designed as a companion volume to Richard J. Schonberger's World Class Manufacturing: The Lessons of Simplicity Applied, contains 26 cases that let students of WCM concepts solve actual JIT and TQC implementation problems in a wide variety of manufacturing and corporate settings. For readers with specific concerns, each case lists the topics covered (i.e., kanban, total preventive maintenance, partnership with customer) and each case includes questions on issues that companies commonly face in implementing WCM concepts. Dr. Schonberger also explains two JIT and TQC concepts not previously published -- micro-JIT analysis of shop-floor conditions by ratios and the "naturalistic" approach to quality improvement.

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