Mark B. Desman - Building an Information Security Awareness Program
Référence B-443-201
ISBN-10 0849301165
ISBN-13 9780849301162
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Pages 268

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Building an Information Security Awareness Program

de Mark B. Desman

Édition 2002
Chez Routledge
B Bon
Ancien livre de bibliothèque. Edition 2002.

The technology that drives the information age also drives information insecurity. As information becomes more available within and without your organization, so does the capability of people to get into your information system. In today's processing environment you need to do more than prepare your IS team to ensure the security of your information assets. That information may well be handled on a regular basis by nontechnical employees in the least protected part of your organization. Building an Information Security Awareness Program gives you - step-by-step - the methods and techniques for developing, distributing, and monitoring an information security awareness program. It includes detailed instructions on determining what media to use and where to locate it and describes how to efficiently use outside sources to optimize the output of a small staff. Using a cookbook approach, it shows you what steps to take to put your security program in action. The book provides checks and balances that let you adjust any security program to fit your needs. In addition, the author stresses the importance of security and the entire organization's role and responsibility in protecting it. He covers how to communicate your security goals with both technical and nontechnical staff and achieve buy in from your entire organization at all levels. A valuable tool in your arsenal, Building an Information Security Awareness Program provides a single source for establishing an information security awareness program and for evaluating and updating an existing one.

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