Pamela-J Sharpe - TOEFL iBT (1CD audio)
Référence B-586-778
ISBN-10 2011459346
ISBN-13 9782011459343
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Pages 319

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TOEFL iBT (1CD audio)

de Pamela-J Sharpe

Édition 12e édition 2008
Chez Hachette Education
B Bon
Ancien livre de bibliothèque. Edition 2008.

Ivey League's R&D spends a considerable amount of time and money to make sure that our students receive thoroughly tested, up-to-date materials. Succeeding at the TOEFL iBT is the result of these efforts and will give you proven techniques for raising your TOEFL score. Our method includes: A TOEFL iBT diagnostic test to identify your strengths and weaknesses and focus on the sections you need to improve. Lessons on the four sections covered by the TOEFL iBT. Our book will show you how to use your knowledge and succeed in each section of the TOEFL iBT. Three practice tests providing immediate feedback on your progress. Colleges and universities around the world recognize the TOEFL as the top test of its kind in evaluating the level of a potential student's use of English. Created by a group of young Normaliens working in preparatory classes of France's top schools and universities (Haut Enseignement Commercial, Instituts d'Etudes Politiques as well as the Sorbonne University), Ivey League is an organization specialized in preparing some of the most selective tests and contests found in French and European higher education. There are three purposes to Ivey League's mission statement: The success of its students in top schools; Promoting each student's personal growth; Helping our students succeed in today's ever-changing mobile world. Since its creation in 1996, Ivey League has helped hundreds of students along their path to academic success in schools such as HEC, ESSEC, ESCP-EAP, EM L on, EDHEC...

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