Joseph Conrad - Heart of Darkness
Référence A-890-243
ISBN-10 1847490891
ISBN-13 9781847490896
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Pages 192

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Heart of Darkness

de Joseph Conrad

Édition Reprint 2009
Chez Oneworld Classics Ltd
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On a boat near the estuary of the Thames, Marlow tells his traveling companions of his reconnaissance expedition for a Belgian trading company to its most remote outpost in central Africa. He had been sent to find the elusive Kurtz, a brilliant idealist gone rogue. Marlow’s account relates not only the perils he encounters on his quest, but also the deterioration of his state of mind as he is confronted with a world that is hostile and alien. Renowned for its stylistic boldness and dramatic descriptions, this is a stark yet subtle examination of the powers of the subconscious and the workings of Western imperialism. This volume also contains Conrad’s Congo Diary and Up-River Book, the journal he kept and notes he took while traveling in Africa.

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