Alastair Fothergill et David Attenborough - Planet Earth
Référence B-394-163
ISBN-10 0563522127
ISBN-13 9780563522126
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Pages 312

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Planet Earth

de Alastair Fothergill et David Attenborough

Édition 2006
Chez BBC Books
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Jaquette abîmée.

From the producer and author of THE BLUE PLANET, this is the ultimate portrait of our planet; the perfect companion piece to a truly landmark television event. Prepare yourself for a spectacular tour of the world's many habitats, each possessing their own unique mood. From the claustrophobic darkness of the deep ocean, to the big skies of the open plains; the merciless, ever-expanding deserts to the diminishing jungles, teeming with violent life. The thread that binds them all is water - the precious element that has carved our world and which makes all life possible. Discover hidden life - animals that have yet to be extensively filmed, either through the inaccessibility of their habitat or their own elusive behaviour. Witness mass migration spectacles, bioluminescent corals and rarely seen mountain cats, all beautifully captured by the world's best nature photographers.

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