Référence B-258-254
ISBN-10 191020014X
ISBN-13 9781910200148
Format Relié
Pages 416

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de Andy Mulligan

Édition 2015
Chez David Fickling Books
A+ Comme neuf

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  • A+ Comme neuf
    3,09 VOIR

KatKat's wangled a position with the team that looks after mega-rock star Snowy Cosgrove. The Tuttle twins are going to be journalist. Leela's got a placement in a hospital. Spud's doing drains (his dream). And Vicky's going to make sandwiches for a law firm. But when Vicky spills coffee on a lawyer's laptop, and takes it to a friend to clean up, they discover something truly appalling. And find themselves on the inside of a hurtling adventure involving a dying boy, some corrupt lawyers, hair-raising surgery and a rock concert beamed to the entire world.

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