Richard Baldwin, Pertti Haapararanta et Jaakko... - Expanding Membership of the European Union
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ISBN-10 0521481341
ISBN-13 9780521481342
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Pages 292

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Expanding Membership of the European Union

de Richard Baldwin, Pertti Haapararanta et Jaakko Kiander

Édition 1995
Chez Cambridge University Press
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Ancien livre de bibliothèque. Edition 1995.

This compelling volume, from the Centre for Economic Policy Research, examines the discussion surrounding expansion of the European Union (EU). The contributors address the key issues in the debate, including the implications of expansion for the global trading system, enlargement-related pressures to reform EU decision-making, and the economic consequences of membership for entrants. Using theoretical techniques to report results and insights, this book not only sheds light on the consequences of Austria, Finland and Sweden joining the EU, but also discusses and evaluates the possible membership of Central European ex-socialist countries. This is an important book for students and scholars interested in regional integration, and also for policy-makers in the new EU member countries and in applicant countries.

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