Robert F. Hartley - Business Ethics: Mistakes and Successes
Référence B-511-097
ISBN-10 0471663735
ISBN-13 9780471663737
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Pages 364

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Business Ethics: Mistakes and Successes

de Robert F. Hartley

Édition 2005
Chez Wiley
A Très bon
Edition 2005.

In today's business climate, firms need to be wary of practices that may provoke criticism and scandals. Investigative reporters, eager lawyers, and zealous governmental agencies are lurking in the wings. These lessons of the past give you an inside look at some of the biggest mistakes of recent history. You can ponder not only how they might have been avoided, but also how their resolution might have been better handled. Robert Hartley, author of the popular Marketing and Management Mistakes and Successes books, brings you face-to-face with major players and the temptations, crises, and torments they experienced. Thought-provoking discussion questions, role-playing exercises, and debates present you with key ethical concerns that may help you avoid similar situations in your own career.

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