Doug Stace et Dexter Dunphy - Beyond the Boundaries
Référence B-511-242
ISBN-10 0074708414
ISBN-13 9780074708415
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Pages 254

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Beyond the Boundaries

de Doug Stace et Dexter Dunphy

Édition 2 2002
Chez McGraw-Hill Professional
B Bon
Ancien livre de bibliothèque. Légères traces d’usure sur la couverture. Passages surlignés ou soulignés. Tampon ou marque sur la face intérieure de la couverture. Edition 2002.

'How do organisations chart a path of change to help them thrive-not merely survive-in the fast moving twenty-first century economy?' This is the central question posed and answered in Beyond the Boundaries, an insightful, groundbreaking book on strategic change management by leading authors in the field, Doug Stace and Dexter Dunphy. The striking feature of the twenty-first century business environment is the phenomenon of 'new adventurers'-organisations and people bold enough to chart new territory, transform current industries, or create totally new industries. This book looks at how change can be charted and led as an energising, productive force at a time when organisations in every sector of the economy, new and old, must reshape to stay ahead of the game-change is the steady state. In this thoroughly updated new edition, the authors explore the new factors of success: speed, flexibility and dexterity in the middle of what is not only an economic revolution, but a social revolution as well. Beyond the Boundaries provides practical frameworks to map your organisation's path of change-drawn from the authors' extensive organisational research-and examines the conditions under which a change in strategy will be effective in one organisation, but not in another. This comprehensive, pivotal book covers: the dilemmas of change an organisational renaissance choosing the strategy and structures translating business strategy into action taking charge of change the new flexible work order; and choosing change intervention tools. The book is liberally illustrated with case examples from Australian and global enterprises. It is an essential guide for those who lead, manage and participate in the revolution sweeping our organisations.

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