Manuel G. Velasquez - Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases: International Edition
Référence B-534-736
ISBN-10 0205217672
ISBN-13 9780205217670
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Pages 504

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Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases: International Edition

de Manuel G. Velasquez

Édition 7 2012
Chez Pearson
B Bon
Quelques passages surlignés ou soulignés. Edition 2012.

This book provides readers with a clear, straightforward writing style, an abundance of examples, detailed real-life cases, and current data and statistics. It aims to 1) introduce ethical concepts that are relevant to resolving moral issues in business, 2) develop the reasoning and analytical skills needed to apply ethical concepts to business decisions, 3) identify the moral issues involved in the management of specific problem areas in business, and 4) examine the social and natural environments within which moral issues in business arise. Chapter topics cover ethics and business, ethical principles in business, the business system, ethics in the marketplace, ethics and the environment, the ethics of consumer production and marketing, the ethics of job discrimination, and the individual in the organization. For anyone in business.

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