John V. Thill et Courtland L. Bovee - Excellence in Business Communication: International Edition
Référence B-534-788
ISBN-10 0132171546
ISBN-13 9780132171540
Format Broché
Pages 672

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Excellence in Business Communication: International Edition

de John V. Thill et Courtland L. Bovee

Édition 9 2011
Chez Pearson
B Bon
Edition 2011.

For undergraduate business communication courses. Learn Business Communication Skills By Example. Students need to have excellent, effective, and practical business communication skills in order to succeed in today's business world.Excellence in Business Communication delivers an abundance of the most realistic model documents and tools, helping students learn business communication skills by example. The ninth edition is a more efficient, rigorously revised textbook that maintains solid coverage of fundamentals while addressing developments in the business communication field. The authors also understand that to succeed in today's social media environment, business communicators must abandon outdated thinking and embrace the new social communication model that's redefining business communication and the relationships between companies and their stakeholders. By offering practical advice and hands-on experience through dozens of activities and cases, this edition helps students adapt their communication skills to this important new media.

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